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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"Brooklyn" to Bow

I've commented previously and at length on "Brooklyn: The Musical" below. Tomorrow, we'll see if my analysis of its reception is accurate, as the NY critics weigh in. This Denver Post story is worth reading, and I'm glad to hear Jeff Calhoun say that about a quarter of the book has been revised.

"'People loved the talent in the show, but there was some confusion in the storytelling, and we've addressed that,' said Calhoun. 'A lot of it has been establishing whose point of view this story is coming from. And just that has added such very serious overtones that you'll no longer feel it's been Disneyfied in any way. Some depth was missing in Denver, but it has become a complete story that really seems to be moving people.'"

I should note that the show moved people in Denver too, just a bit too sappily. Again, I'm very curious to see how hardened NY critics respond to the show's emotionality.