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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bernal in "Blood Wedding"

I don't plan for this blog to be a repository of casting info, but I was excited by the news that Gael Garcia Bernal, the very hot (choose the meaning you prefer) Latino movie star of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" fame, will star in a stage production of Lorca's "Blood Wedding" in London.

I'm a big Lorca fan, but his work is very hard to do well. "Blood Wedding" most of all needs to have real sexiness or it just doesn't work.

The deeper issue that I do plan to write about more is simply the power of celebrity, and how it can affect productions, both positively and negatively. Let me start with the simple statement that I think more movie stars should be doing theatre more regularly: it would be good for the theatre, and good for the film world too. One of the real inhibiting factors of our nation's theatre is that the film and television world is based 3,000 miles away from the theatre mecca of NYC.

"Blood Wedding" will happen in London, but no matter: I'm happy to see Bernal's name, his sex appeal, and his image as the actor with a poetic soul, adding excitement to a production of Lorca. Seems like a very good fit.